CNC Routers, Laser Engraving & Laminating Machines

CNC router agent tradefirst sri lanka
CNC Router
CNC machines
  • Maxicam M1-1325 CNC router with 3KW
Laser Engraving Machine agents tradefirst sri lanka
Laser Engraving Machine
Laser machines
  • G1290 Laser machine 120W (3*4)
  • G1319 Laser machine with W6/150W (6*4)
  • G1325 Laser machine with W6/150W (8*4)
  • G6090 Laser machine 80W (3*2)
Laminating Machine tradefirst sri lanka
Laminating Machine
Other machines
  • Acrylic polishing machine H-160
  • Acrylic word plastic bending tools
  • Hand grommet machine
  • Lamination machine FY 1600
  • Manual grommet machine HP-3