Sri Lanka - Spice Island

Hailed as the ‘Spice Island’, Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, has been the hotspot for the global trade of spices for centauries, particularly for the variety and quality of spices it produces.  Sri Lanka continues to provide the world with the finest spices such as Ceylon Cinnamon, Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg and many others, all branded under the geographical indication of ‘Ceylon Spices’ due to their unique aroma and flavour shaped by the terroir of the country.


Cinnamomum verum


Sri Lanka is the only country which produces and exports True Cinnamon to the world, whilst other countries do Cassia which is a substitute for Cinnamon.  True Cinnamon has orginated in Sri Lanka and it has acquired a long standing reputation in the global market due to its unique quality, colour, flavour, aroma and exceptional health benefits which is branded globally today as “Pure Ceylon Cinnamon”.


Piper nigrum


Pepper, the King of Spices from Sri Lanka is favored worldwide as it is rich in piperine and the taste of Sri Lankan pepper is richly aromatic, with floral and citrus notes, while retaining a strong pungency.


Syzygium aromaticum


Sri Lankan Clove is found to be richer in oil than those from other growing countries in the world.  The odour, flavour and oil contents are the important criteria of cloves


Elettaria cardamomum

Cardamom which is popularily known as “Queen of Spice” from Sri Lanka has a niche market in the world of spices.  Once again due to its rich properties, Cardamom exports from Sri Lanka constitute light green variety which has a pungent flavour and aroma.

Nutmeg and Mace

Myristica fragrans)


Nutmetg and Mace are two distinctly separate spices derived from the same plant.  It is a an evergreen tree which grows in the up country in Sri Lanka

Ginger, Turmeric and Vanilla


Ginger, Turmeric and Vanilla are the other famous cultivations and exports from Sri Lanka which have established a global reputation in the international market.

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